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SwampButt Underwear Comes Down On Price

With colder weather and New Years’ resolutions to exercise more this year fading from memory, the makers of SwampButt Underwear are lowering the price of their performance underwear brand from $18.99 to $8.99. Lowered underwear demand after Christmas and during the cold weather months, compared to other times of the year when the weather is warmer, caused demand for performance brand SwampButt Underwear to drop off. The price reduction is not permanent. Prices will return to the normal level once the spring break season (mid-March) starts. To buy SwampButt Underwear at this lower price, click here: SwampButt Performance Underwear $8.99.

SwampButt Underwear comes in these colors, something for everyone.
SwampButt Underwear comes in these colors, something for everyone.

Men’s Performance SwampButt Underwear Solves A Real Problem!                                                                                       Our SwampButt Underwear* is made from a blend of spandex and lycra. Spandex provides significant strength and elasticity and the ability to return to the original shape after stretching. And like polyester it wicks moisture and dries quickly. Better still are the variety of colors our SwampButt Performance Underwear comes in. Click here to buy yours: SwampButt Underwear Store.

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