SwampButt Underwear ™ is a real company that sells a real product that solves a real problem.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction on everything we sell!

It is known by many names: swamp ass, swamp chair, butt sweat, making your own gravy, butt sweat angel (the impression your damp backside makes when you sit down), sweaty ass seat (similar to the angel), or sweaty ass syndrome.

If you are here it is because you or someone you know has a problem, and that problem is swamp butt.

We Promise : No Fitness Models, None of the Time, Guaranteed!

SwampButt Underwear ™ was created because one of our founders sweats a lot – like as much as three fat guys on the 4th of July in the middle of a forest fire. He sweats like most people pee, and has the stained attire to prove it. And a great deal of that sweat is south of the belt line. He turned his hot, wet backside drippings into lemonade and invented SwampButt Underwear ™. And now we want to help you too.

We sell underwear for men who really sweat a lot south of their belt line. We also sell t-shirts that are similarly engineered.

We recommend buying SwampButt Underwear ™ for yourself, your family and your friends. And maybe a few pair for your worst enemies and a T-shirt for a stranger.

SwampButt Underwear ™ is a hit at weekend soirees, office parties or just lounging around the house watching that TV show you like; you know the one. But SwampButt Underwear really comes in handy when you’re fishing, hunting, mowing the lawn, playing golf, running, lifting weights or doing that thing that you have been meaning to do since last spring.

SwampButt Underwear is underwear for hot people.

SwampButt Underwear ™ is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. We paid a lot for it so please do not use it without permission.

SwampButt Underwear ™ LLC is registered in state of Texas. It is owned by two friends who before they did anything decided that their friendship came first and that if there were any conflict at all, they would dissolve the business. So far so good.