Bad Body Odor?

Bad Body Odor? Try Putting More Bacteria Under Your Pits Or Not.
From GQ magazine: “Probiotic deodorant is basically kombucha for your armpits. We tested five of them so you don’t have to.” Bad Body Odor? 
Wow, what a time saver this is! No need to rush out and test these on your own, not that anyone with a brain would consider testing one, never mind the rest.  But don’t take my word for it. Read this excerpt for yourself:
DeFunk, a stick of deodorant studded with herbs and a scent described by the company as “tribal.” Not only did application result in hair pulling, “it really only kept the funk away for half a day,” he said. He also admitted to a BO-induced anxiety that continued for several days post-trial. He returned the stick of DeFunk. 

Bad body odor? Don't make life more difficult than it already is. Use regular deodorant and leave the product testing to rabbits and monkeys.
Bad body odor? Don’t make life more difficult than it already is. Use regular deodorant and leave the product testing to rabbits and monkeys.

Not sure about the wisdom of accepting returns of used deodorant which confirms how dumb the product and business leaders seem to be. Yuck.
Just Say No
When reading this article the first thing that came to mind was no. Just no. Smelling bad is never a good thing and that a respectable (?) journal like GQ would suggest something this goofy is a sign that the editor took the day off or the audience for the magazine has changed dramatically. And the experiment caused one participant to experience B.O. anxiety days after he junked this dumbass idea and went back to normal deodorant. The kind normal people use.
Then It Got Weird
The writers’s conclusion was also baffling, “Overall, my consensus is that probiotic deodorants are not ready to take the market by storm.” Note to the writer, you cannot have a consensus with yourself. You can have a thought, reach a conclusion or make a decision, but not a consensus of one,  m’kay. Even the so called armpit expert did not use these products and neither did his dog.  And what goes wrong in someone’s life that they decide to study armpits and own pets? Poor dog. What’s that? Don’t throw stones? Look in the mirror? Oh yeah.
To read this and judge for yourself, go here or don’t, what do I care:

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