Bad ideas For Reducing Butt Sweat

Bad ideas For Reducing Butt Sweat! Bad ideas For Reducing Butt Sweat Bad ideas For Reducing Butt Sweat
We scoured the Interwebs for the worst ideas imaginable for reducing swamp butt. Of course a good idea is to get a pair of SwampButt Underwear here. But for the ideas to avoid, here they are!

Bad ideas
Not just bad ideas for reducing swamp butt, but the worst ideas ever to avoid swamp butt ever.

How about wearing antiperspirant on the afflicted area?
Wearing a maxi pad or an adult diaper.
Two words: corn starch.
Accupuncture to treat excessive localized sweating.
If you’re hairy back there perhaps your mate (assuming you have one who can be talked into it) can give you a summer trim. I hear it makes a difference.
Butt sweating is more likely/profuse in the hour or two before a bowel movement and less so shortly after. So arrange your schedule accordingly.
Wear dark pants more often than not. Tan pants makes swamp butt very noticeable.
If you have a patch of hair in your lower back, shave that off with clippers preferably.
Get your DNA changed or consider gene splicing.
Stop drinking.
Exfoliate your butt cheeks until your ass is red.
Eat less.

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