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Note: SwampButt Underwear makes and sells underwear for men. We do not offer anything for women but this story was related to the general topic of sweat, so we went with it.

Ebanie Bridges is known just as much for her success in the ring as she is for her lingerie weigh-ins and her ability to sell bizarre things to her fans. The IBF Bantamweight champion has sold everything from dirty socks to arm pit pics.

Bridges might even be selling mats with her boob sweat on them very soon. A fan did offer a lot of money for one after she tweeted out a picture of her “face down sweat spot.”

She joked in a couple of follow-up tweets about the sweat spot. She said in one tweet, “The imFan Offered Ebanie Bridges $30,000 For A Mat With Her Boob Sweat On Itplants are always making an impression.”

Bridges then added with another tweet, “Micky mouse was at the gym today.” An obvious comparison between the shape of her sweat spot – thanks to her breast implants – and the Disney character.

Bridges Is More Than Lingerie Weigh-Ins

One of the responses to her “Mickey Mouse” boob sweat spots was an offer to pay her $30,000 for the mat containing the sweat spot.

It very well could have been a joke. The person tweeted out, “I give you $30k for the mat” with a laughing crying emoji. That could have been the person’s way of feeling things out.

A conversation in the DMs about the offer should have definitely gone down. Knowing the business woman that Bridges is, I assume she reached out.

Whether the offer is real or nor that’s for Bridges to figure out. What we know is real, is her titleImage fight with Shannon O’Connell on Dec. 10.

We also know that the two aren’t particularly fond of each other. During a recent press conference the two boxers traded insults with O’Connell calling Bridges a stripper for her lingerie weigh-ins.

It would be one thing if all Ebanie did was lingerie weigh-ins. But she’s proven herself to be much more than that. She’s 8-1 and has a belt. Show some respect. As for the mat, let’s hope she sells hundreds of them.

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How the undergarment works and what it is made of are related. First, there is the phenomena of ‘wicking’ which is the way moisture travels across a larger area of fabric. The more and further moisture (in this case sweat) can disperse across a surface, the faster it can evaporate. Imagine a squeegee pulling water across a windshield. When spread to a larger surface are, the water on the windshield evaporates faster. Or push rain water across a drive way or parking lot into a larger surface area and it also evaporates faster.
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