Crazy Running Girl

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Crazy Running Girl
It’s fair to say that we do not have many female bloggers who follow or carry our news releases. However, I found this nice mention at
Her Handle
She may call herself that (Crazy Running Girl) because she lives in Minneapolis, MN and runs 12 months a year. Or maybe other URL’s that were more flattering and accurate were already taken like: ‘dedicated running girl’ or ‘disciplined running girl’ or ‘quite determined running girl’ or ‘leg it out lorna’.
According to her web site:
‘I’m Lora, a 30-something-year-old who lives in Minneapolis, MN by way of Austin, TX Brooklyn, NY; St. Augustine, FL; and Minneapolis, MN (once before) from Iola, WI, a tiny town in the middle of the great state of Wisconsin. I have met so many great people through running, and continue to build relationships in my life through running.
To help share my love for running, I am a Road Runners Club of America certified running coach. I also contribute to sites like Plum Deluxe and Livestrong about topics related to running. Have I mentioned that I love talking about running? SERIOUSLY. Want to chat about it? I’m there. Email me.’
She is also a Green Bay Packers fan, which I am sure causes her angst in Viking country. That said, she can out run any Vikings fan, so no stress or trouble for her.

Crazy Running Girl
A photo from the self described crazy running girl. We appreciate the love.

Try Us Out Lorna! 
Regardless of her handle or the state of her mental health we appreciate you showing us some love.
Since we believe that most of the women we know could, will and do wear our SwampButt Underwear, Rufus will be sending her an invitation to try our performance brand underwear out. After all, the same materials that make them great for men will certainly perform as well for any woman. And who will know she is wearing men’s underwear while competing or training.
Of course everyone will know if she agrees to try them out and gives us permission to publish her review. What do you say Lora?