Exchange Underwear Valentines Day

Exchange underwear this Valentines Day. SwampButt Underwear is the way to a man's dry rear end.
Exchange underwear this Valentines Day. SwampButt Underwear is the way to a man’s dry rear end.

Each year on February 14th, many people exchange cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their special “valentine.” But few exchange underwear. So this year, break with tradition. Be a maverick and instead of exchanging flowers exchange underwear instead. “Nothing  says “I love you” like a gift on Valentines Day, said company spokesman and hopeless romantic Nick Heraldson. “But nothing says “I will love you better with a dry backside” like a pair or gift card from SwampButt Underwear.”
Exchange Underwear Valentines Day! Every sweaty but lovable man will benefit from the $8.99 sales price SwampButt Underwear is currently offering on all his performance purchases. And for those who say, ‘but it’s not hot outside in February, what the hell’ we say that spring and summer will be here soon. In fact we predict that spring will arrive on Tuesday March 20, 2018 and summer will start June 21, 2018. Will it heat up where you live before that? You know it will! Read what others think:
SwampButt Underwear performance brand comes in white, black, brown, red, and blue. Your special someone can pick the color or colors that speak to him. The colors that say, ‘I’m not a big sweaty mess anymore, I can go to school, ask women to dance and not be rejected (at least not right away) get a job, and be somebody!’ Exchange Underwear Valentines Day!

The SwampButt Underwear New Green Deal is a great value and the best, most successful promotion we ever did. Click either image for purchase details.
Green SwampButt UNderwear
SwampButt Underwear comes in two types of green. Regular green and lime green. You can buy both for one low price of $35.98 instead of the regular price of $49.98. Click either image for purchase details.