Experience Chafing While Wade Fishing SwampButt Underwear Can Help

Experience Chafing While Wade Fishing; SwampButt Underwear Can Help. Not catching fish while out for that purpose is terrible, but it happens to the best and most accomplished anglers. But not catching fish and suffering inner thigh rashes from chafing because of the wrong underwear is an unforced error, an avoidable blunder, and mostly regrettable because it is so preventable. Even the best fitting waders cannot help. Waders keep water out, but they do not let it escape from the swamp-like environment that is the crotch of the average angler. SwampButt Underwear is ideally constructed to evaporate sweat, seawater, spilled beer or whatever else the elements can spray in or onto fishermen. Visit the SwampButt Underwear store now at: SwampButt Underwear Store.

Most people who wade fish do not look like this. If that is you, buy SwampButt Underwear to prevent 'chafage' south of the border
Most people who wade fish do not look like this. If that is you, buy SwampButt Underwear to prevent ‘chafage’ south of the border.

You Will Get Wet
Those who wade fish will get wet, but not just from lakes, rivers, oceans, or mishandled beverages, but because they sweat. Chafing is caused by friction inside underwear and moisture inside the drawers from any source leads to chafing. Sweaty areas around the groin and inner thighs are the places where the rashes from chafing occur most often.  This applies to men and women. “The sun shines on male and female anglers and both will get rashes from chafing if they are not wearing the right undergarments,” said occasional angler and SwampButt Underwear spokesperson Nick Heraldson. “SwampButt Underwear is perfect for preventing ‘chaffage’ between the thighs of darn near anyone.”
Stop Chafing
SwampButt Underwear can stop chafing between the thighs and of other sensitive areas experienced by wade fishermen and women this summer or anytime. The fabric in SwampButt Underwear is made from a blend of polyester and lycra.  The fabric is woven to allow more exposed surface area for faster drying. In addition to the superior materials, performance underwear from SwampButt Underwear are constructed to allow the maximum amount of air to pass into and out of them, especially between the thighs. The more air that passes through the crotch, the dryer, more comfortable and rash free fishermen are likely to be.
SwampButt Underwear Is Gear For Wade Fishermen
There are thousands of people who like to wade fish. Whether in salt or fresh water, wade fishing makes hidden places and terrain a boat of any size could never negotiate available. When thinking of gear, the focus of most is on rods, reels, lures, waders and booties. There are few articles, blogs, broadcasts, or features in any media about the best underwear for wade fishing. “The right equipment will always make the difference for a successful fishing trip,” Heraldson said “A thigh rash is no fun for anyone, especially when it is so easy to prevent; just pack and wear the right underwear.”
For fishermen and women to withstand the harsh environment of wade fishing that includes the weather and heat, wear comfortable SwampButt Underwear. To learn more about these remarkable undies go to www.swampbutt.com.

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