Extremely Bad News as Record Heat and Higher Utility Costs Combine for a Sweatier Summer 1

Extremely Bad News as Record Heat and Higher Utility Costs Combine for a Sweatier Summer

Some succumb during the long, insufferable, sultry, and often sluggish days of summer and certain people suffer more. While the reasons for rising temperatures combined with the higher costs of electricity are widely covered and extensively debated neither matters much to those who sweat more than most. This because the heat got hotter and cost of staying cool (and therefore dry) got higher over the last twelve months.

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High Heat Warning for Much of the U.S. June 12 2022. 

Record Heat Texas Utility Costs Rise over 70%

In the state of Texas, one of the USA’s largest, hottest and sweatiest places, the cost of electricity is up over 70% in the last year, according to the Houston Chronicle. “The average price-per-kilowatt hour of electricity for Texas residents has increased 70 percent year-over-year from June 2021, according to The Dallas Morning News’ Mitchell Sherman, who was quoted in the Chronicle and who compared new rates offered by state power providers in 2022 to those consumers were offered in 2021.

Record Heat, So Now What?

What are the country’s sweatiest men supposed to do in a time like this? Consider the things that one can change to make available changes. Adjustment can come to their location, wardrobe, and/or dietary choices.

Move Somewhere It’s Cool

If the heat is excessive in the locale where one resides, move elsewhere. “There are places where it stays cooler in summer than here in the south, or southwest,” according to SwampButt Underwear corporate spokesman and someone often described as ‘a bit much,’ Nick Heraldson. “Michigan, Wisconsin, or Minnesota have lower temperatures and completely delightful summers if you can look past the mosquitos, over population of dells or the Mall of America.”


Don’t wear heavy clothes like suits and ties, jackets, hoodies, or fur coats during summer’s record heat. “If you work someplace where a coat and tie are required and it is over ninety degrees more often than not, it is time to reconsider your life choices,” Heraldson commented. “That’s why I gave up working in the mortuary business which was a challenge since I really am a people person.”

In a weird corollary if there is someone at work with a space heater going and the place you live is under a heat advisory because of the record heat, suggest putting on a sweater instead of adding to the swelter and stank of the entire office. “Propose to these energy sucking, oblivious, inconsiderate, heedless, Karen types of people that if they feel cold, consider moving their desk and person outside where the chilly temperatures of the civilized indoors will no longer plague them, Heraldson counseled. “Or, work from inside a car or other unventilated out building and voila, problem solved.”

Record Heat
Record heat and higher utility costs will make staying dry a bigger challenge this summer than in most.

Food and Diet

Scienticians, guys at the barber shop, and my wife’s friends’ across the street neighbor remind us all that overweight people tend to sweat more than others. This could be because they have more weight to move around which takes more energy and creates more heat. Or that body fat acts as insulation and holds more heat inside the human body. “Bears do not hibernate in summer,” Heraldson declared. “But a nap after lunch aways sounds good.”

Finally, avoid hot foods. These are questionable during the hottest time of year. These include: hot chocolate, hot tameless, hot dogs, hot crossed buns, hot and sour soup or hot tea. “Mother nature often provides clues for us,” Harrison reassured.  “In this case the signs are right there in the names.”

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SwampButt Underwear Made in the USA Brand
SwampButt Underwear Made in the USA Brand, good for days of record heat.

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