Fall State of Mind Not State of Weather

Fall State of Mind Not State of Weather
Leaves turning color, shorter cooler days and pumpkin flavored coffee? Maybe somewhere but not anywhere around this place. Here is a temperature map that clearly shows there is still a lot of Swampbutt left to endure in 2016. SwampButt Underwear is for hot people who suffer from sweating so much that unsightly perspiration soaks through pants, belts and even shirt tales.
Butt-sweat or ‘swampbutt’ is a condition that does not discriminate. Men who spend any time engaged in light to strenuous activity outside or in structures with broken or non-existent air conditioners can benefit from SwampButt Underwear™. Men with working air conditioners can be helped as well. And women who are looking for great gifts for their guys need look no further. SwampButt Underwear is devoted to helping backsides stay drier longer. People with this challenge will quickly want to get behind what SwampButt offers.
All garments from SwampButt Underwear are made from cotton, polyesters, lycra-spandex blends to attract dampness away from the body, which allows it to evaporate quicker than is otherwise possible. All SwampButt Underwear garments are manufactured to specifications set by the company, they are not merely off the shelf.

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Green SwampButt UNderwear
SwampButt Underwear comes in two types of green. Regular green and lime green. You can buy both for one low price of $35.98 instead of the regular price of $49.98. Click either image for purchase details.