Good News SwampButt Underwear Askes Why Do I Sweat So Much?


Sweating is good for you so do more.
Sweating is good for you so do more. To deal with it wear SwampButt Underwear.

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SwampButt Underwear Askes Why Do I Sweat So Much?

There is no way to produce a comprehensive article on the subject because there is a lot to know and much that is not known. There is however a lot written about it.

We can cover many of the causes and a few of the remedies for excess sweat.

What follows is a very brief and broad compilation/overview based on publicly available information, all found on the internet. This is not intended to or be construed as medical advice as no one here is a doctor. It written for entertainment purposes. If you find it helpful, so much the better.

Why Do Humans Sweat?

Sweating is your body’s way of cooling down. It is also another way to excrete waste. Some people sweat a lot when they are spending time in the outdoors, exercising inside, outside, or engaged in some type of exertion. Others sweat when frightened while others sweat for no good reason. Others live in a climate where it is hot and humid all the time. We will explore some of these reasons and make suggestions for what to do about it. Think of it as friendly advice.

Excessive Sweating and Isolation

At SwampButt Underwear we try to put a brave face on excessive butt sweat. Sort of like smiling through the tears we poke fun at ourselves because of the ‘butt prints’ we leave along life’s trail.

The truth is that excessive sweating, from the butt or other body parts, can cause enough distress that people withdraw from any activity that might expose them and their sweaty parts to any level of public scrutiny.

Think this kind of thing was over in junior high school? Think again. It does not take much for the ‘herd’ to spot a potential weakness and exploit it. Sweat stains can be the invitation to not getting invited anywhere.

People who sweat more than others report feelings of social isolation and withdrawal to avoid touching others. Those ‘others’ are also thought to avoid men who are moist beyond reason. What do people think when encountering someone who is REALLY sweaty? We are not mind readers, so we researched the question.

Sweat and the amounts one experiences it relate to social anxiety and conditions that accompany it. The more a man sweats, the impact on quality of life becomes much more substantial. Excess sweating can have a huge impact on quality of life, affecting career choices and in some instances lead to social isolation. Some change their clothes several times a day.

Men who sweat more than others often have apprehension in work situations like job interviews or meetings where they might be expected to shake hands or will leave a sweaty butt print on an office chair. Social lives suffer when men feel embarrassed by their sweating.

Some avoid romantic relationships because they are sweaty. Men will avoid situations where a woman is likely to reject them for any reason. Presented as a big sweaty mess does little to reinforce self-confidence. Not taking chances in public is way easier than gambling on potential humiliation. Staying in and away from others is way easier.

Why Do I Sweat So Much? Medical Reason for Excessive Sweating

For anyone on the SwampButt Underwear website, this is a question that unites us all, why do I sweat so much? There may be medical reasons for all those stained shirts, shorts and dropped utensils or tools.  Hot humid climates and mosquitos go together like peas and carrots. When spending time in the tropics be mindful of excess sweating, bug bites, and tropical diseases.

Tropical Diseases & Other Kinds

According to the Mayo Clinic website medical conditions that can lead to excessive sweating can include:

  • Malaria,
  • Diabetic hypoglycemia,
  • Fever (regardless of cause),
  • Leukemia,
  • Lymphoma,
  • Tuberculosis, or adrenal gland tumors,
  • Pneumonia,
  • Diabetes,
  • Heart failure,
  • Anxiety,
  • Overactive thyroid can cause heavy sweating.

Seek immediate medical attention if your heavy sweating is accompanied by lightheadedness, chest pain or nausea.

Contact your doctor if:

  • You suddenly begin to sweat more than usual.
  • Sweating disrupts your daily routine.
  • You experience night sweats for no apparent reason.
  • Sweating causes emotional distress or social withdrawal.

For those who have even the slightest suspicion that sweating may be caused by one of these, stop what you are doing and call your doctor.

But I Have None of These?

If none of these is bothering you, and you sweat for no good reason then you probably have primary hyperhidrosis. It happens when excess sweating is not triggered by a rise in temperature or physical activity. Primary hyperhidrosis may be at least partly hereditary.  Lots of sweat can affect your entire body or just certain areas, such as your palms, soles, underarms, face and yes, your backside.

If you are sweating so heavily that it affects your daily life, talk to your doctor. Yes, it sucks and conversations like this are difficult.

But remember that this is not your fault, your doctor is there to help, he/she will protect your privacy and possibly prescribe treatments that can help. Besides, your doctor has seen way worse things than this.

Prescription Deodorant or Prescription Strength Deodorant?

First, yes this is a thing. Second there is a difference between prescription strength and prescription deodorant. The best way to tell the difference is that no one can buy prescription deodorant without a doctors’ prescription. Prescription strength means really strong but for sale over the counter.

Here are some examples of prescription strength deodorant:

Drysol is a popular prescription antiperspirant designed to treat hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating. Can be used on the underarms, scalp, hands, and feet. Active Ingredient: Aluminum chloride hexahydrate (20%)

Xerac AC is a topical, prescription-only treatment designed for use on the underarms, palms and feet.
Active Ingredient: Aluminum Chloride Hexahydrate (6.25%)

Formalaz is a sweating treatment specifically designed to combat foot odor and sweat. A prescription-only option for plantar hyperhidrosis or foot sweating. Active ingredient: Formaldehyde (10%)

Prescription antiperspirant is strong stuff and should only be considered after exhausting all other over-the-counter hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating treatments.

Sources of Butt Sweat

The fact that your butt has two sections of skin rubbing against each other means that a lot of sweaty moisture can get trapped in between those cheeks. Those two same sections may or may not make any one backside twice as sweaty. If the skin stays moist for long periods of time it gets irritated and wrinkly, and that can eventually lead to infection. No one wants any of these. There are some ways to potentially reduce all that wetness, rubbing, irritation, itching and stank.

Non-Medical Butt Sweat Hacks

Take a powdered deodorant aerosol and spray it into your underwear before putting it on. A golfer we know started doing this when fellow golfers refused to let him ride in a cart with them.

Cut down on salt and sodium. If you are consuming lots of sodium, your body will have to find a way to get rid of it. How will that happen? You guessed it, sweat!

Cut the fat. Just as fat in food provides extra calories, more energy is needed to digest them. When energy is expended, heat comes along too. When extra energy is depleted more heat results and therefore more sweat.

Omit spicy spices. Peppers have a chemical called capsaicin that triggers the nerves that make your body feel warmer, so you sweat to cool it back down. Your face also may be flushed, your nose may run, and your eyes may water.

Eat saltines: To sweat less when eating spicy food, eat rice, crackers, or bread. These give the receptors in your mouth (which lead to the brain) a different kind of signal to focus on, which interrupts the intensity of the heat. Eating starchy foods might also help to absorb some of the capsaicin and keep it from entering your body so quickly. We realize this flies in the face of the ‘eat less salt’ pointer so maybe eat less spicy food as the saltines were mostly for that. Mostly.

What to drink to stop sweating: Stop sweat with a capital ‘Tea. ‘ Sage tea is rich in magnesium and vitamin B, which helps slow down those over acting sweating glands. If you can’t get your hands on some sage herbs, try green tea instead.

Other Tips

A sweatier than normal backside is not the worst thing that can happen to you. Botched surgery is one example of something worse or being eaten by bears, also bad.

Yes, Swampbutt is embarrassing but no one ever died of embarrassment, if they had my parents would be long dead. They are not. Here are the extra tips.

  1. Shower often and use soap, especially in the butt-crack. This will eliminate bacteria and fungus that will grow there.
  2. Change your clothes more often and never sit in wet pants/shorts if you can avoid it.
  3. Move around. In the age of lockdowns and pandemics, more of us are working from home while seated. Stand up and walk around. More air will circulate ‘down there’ and keep things dryer south of the border.
  4. Aerosol spray deodorant. I like this because it is a powder that aids drying. Plus, it can be sprayed into garments and underwear.
  5. After spraying deodorant, dust your buns with talcum powder, but not too much. Excess will hold water, clump, and make a real mess. Yuck.


According to science, when men get too warm, they tend to sweat more. The material in SwampButt Underwear is made to draw sweat away from the skin. This is known as wicking. In addition to wicking, our underwear allows for greater air flow under and around the fabric, which allows sweat to evaporate quicker than traditionally made underwear.

These garments are manufactured to our specifications and are unique in the world of underpants or in parts of the world where underpants are worn.

SwampButt Underwear is based near Houston, Texas. It’s in a great town, but you’ve probably never heard of it. It’s surrounded by swampland with the Gulf of Mexico just south, with some really nice people. We’ve got a Starbucks and some nice Tex-Mex restaurants. And a place that has 99 beers on tap.

SwampButt Underwear is specifically formulated to help fight against the grim affliction known as butt sweat, or simply SwampButt. SwampButt Underwear is trademarked in the United States and foreign

countries. We paid a lot for the trademark, so please do not use it without written permission. To see everything SwampButt Underwear offers, please visit the SwampButt virtual store. 

SwampButt Underwear Askes Why Do I Sweat So Much

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