In Space No One Can Hear You Fart

In space no one can hear you fart. The allure and appeal of being an astronaut leaked out of a nations’ psyche like so many milliliters of urine or grams of fecal matter. Why? Because of the requirement by NASA as outlined in a competition to design the perfect space suite capable of keeping astronaut poop and pee in place during… I don’t know… long space walks, someone else is in the toilet, did not have to go then, who knows. But NASA wanted the space suit designed thusly as described in  the following requirement:
“For the competition, the space agency asked for solutions that could take care of up to 144 hours of human waste, which could include up to a liter a day of urine, 75 grams and 75 ml of fecal matter and up to 80 ml of menstrual collection.” Ewe! The only possible upside is that at least it’s your own poop and pee though the term ‘upside’ and ‘space toilet’ are at odds. Can’t astronauts just go outside? Yes, the have and do. See the attached photo for a graphic reference. In Space No One Can Hear You Fart In Space No One Can Hear You Fart
Possible Reasons For This Requirement:

  • Did not have to go before we blasted off.
  • The Russians are hogging the toilet and used all the paper.
  • No Bucees in space.
  • Have you looked inside the bathroom on the ISS?
  • Everything in space is weightless. EVERYTHING!

In space no one can hear your fart
An unidentified NASA astronaut drops number two while outside the International Space Station. In space no one can hear your fart.

More than 5,000 proposals were submitted from more than 150 teams around the world for the challenge, hosted on the HeroX crowdsourcing site. The top winner was family physician and flight surgeon Thatcher Cardon, who won $15,000 for his idea – MACES Perineal Access & Toileting System (M-PATS).
So explore the heavens while squirming in your own waste! Dream big you shiny diamond.
To read the whole story, go here: NASA Makes It OK To Poop and Pee On Yourself While In Space. 

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