Swampbutt Underwear In The Media Swampbutt Underwear In The Media

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SwampButt Underwear in the Media

We enjoy talking about our products and how good they are. But it is more meaningful when someone else does this. That is what we have here; published and broadcast stories from the media about SwampButt Underwear.

News moves through many different media, based on word of mouth, printing, postal systems, broadcasting, and electronic communication whether for SwampButt Underwear or someone else. Humans exhibit a nearly universal desire to learn and share news from elsewhere, which they satisfy by traveling, talking to each other and sharing. So that is what we are doing here and we hope you like it.

Swampbutt Underwear Officially Not Sponsors of Super Bowl 51

From Ammo Land

SwampButt Underwear Tags In The Wrestling Estate For WrestleMania Giveaway

From The Wrestling Estate

What’s in a Name? First Look: SwampButt Performance Underwear

From Hooked On Golf

SwampButt Underwear Will Keep Your Man Dry

Fr0m Outnumbered 3-1

Mysterious Rambling Review of SwampButt Underwear

From Mysterious Ramblings

 Cleve In The Eve: Helping golfers put sweat behind them

From the Journal Star

 Back to School Smells Like Teen Sweating | Houston Style Magazine …

From Houston Style Magazine

Wow! This is the Wildest Pumpkin Spice I’ve Ever Seen! 


SwampButt Underwear To Present New England Patriots Center Ted Karras With The Gift Of Dryness & Comfort

From APN News

Stumpy Lester Joins Swampbutt Underwear as Football Insider

From APN News

Swampbutt Underwear – That’s Seriously What They’re Called. 

From ‘Soldier Systems’SwampButt Underwear in the Media

The legend of Lake Jackson’s SwampButt, a homegrown underwear company

From the Houston Chronicle

The cure for Swamp Ass – Swamp Butt underwear

Crunch Time – sports gossip column by Metro Boston Sports Editor Matt Burke

Best Underwear for Battling Swamp Butt

From Bow Hunting

SwampButt Underwear™ is Underwear for Hot People

From Street Insider

New York Fashion Week to SwampButt Underwear: Drop Dead

From Houston Style Magazine

SwampButt Underwear Will Keep Your Man Dry

From Outnumbered 3-1

SwampButt Underwear LLC: Officially Not Sponsors of Super Bowl 51

From Ammo Land

SwampButt Underwear prevents ‘chub rub’ for male runners

From The CW 33


From Hello Betty