‘Is anyone else reporting rain?’ – Formula 1 Driver George Russell mistakes his own sweat for rain!

George Russell was left confused as to whether he was experiencing rain or just sweating in his Mercedes during the Spanish Grand Prix.

Russell gets in a sweat about rain in Spain.

Formula One F1 – Spanish Grand Prix – Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain  June 3, 2023

June 4 (Taken from Reuters) – The rain in Spain fell mostly inside George Russell’s helmet on Sunday as the Mercedes Formula One driver mistook beads of his own sweat for precipitation during an otherwise dry race in Barcelona. The Briton, who finished third after starting 12th, told his team over the radio early in the race that it was raining at turn five. “Is anyone else reporting rain?” he asked, before adding “I think it’s sweat from the inside of my helmet.

“It sounds like it’s just you that’s reporting the rain,” came the reply from his race engineer. “I suspect it might be the sweat.”

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Formula One Cars perform one long right turn just like all cars that race on an oval. Yawn.

Powers of Observation?

In 2023, the cost of a Formula One race car can vary depending on various factors such as the team, the level of engineering and customization, and whether the car is new or used. However, on average, the cost of a Formula One car can be anywhere from $10 million to $20 million USD. It begs the question, who should drive these, or, who should not?

“Anyone who cannot distinguish rain from their own sweat may want to think twice about operating a high performance vehicle like a Formula One racer,” said SwampButt Underwear spokesman and social commentator Nick Heraldson. “I wouldn’t let this man sit on my riding mower never mind an expensive machine like a Formula One car.”

We All Laughed

Russell, who joked about his mistake with Red Bull’s race winner Max Verstappen in the cool-down room, explained the confusion. “At the start of the race I knew my hair wasn’t in my balaclava, so my hair was dangling out which was firstly quite annoying,” he told Sky Sports. Heraldson also observed, “trouble with his hair too? What a tough sport this is.”

Raindrops Keep Falling in my Visor

“The next thing I started to brake and I saw the raindrops on my visor but I soon learned it was the bead of sweat dropping down on my head through my hair and when I braked it was flicking onto the visor.

“I got a little bit excited at one point but you’re not always right I guess.”

Russell said he had been sweating throughout the race and the moisture was getting on the inside of the visor where he could not wipe it.

That proved to be the only real frustration of a race that saw Mercedes, with seven times world champion Lewis Hamilton finishing second, secure their first double podium of the season and Russell’s best result of the campaign to date.

Mercedes also leapfrogged Aston Martin into second place in the constructors’ championship.

“The rain has officially cleared and the sun is out,” joked Russell as he walked, without a helmet, through the paddock afterwards.

What is the bigger hazard for formula one drivers, rain or a foggy visor?

Both rain and foggy visors can present significant hazards for Formula One drivers, but they are slightly different in nature. Rain can reduce visibility, create standing water on the track, and impact the car’s grip and performance. Whereas, a foggy visor can impair a driver’s vision and make it difficult for them to see the track ahead. Ultimately, both situations can be dangerous for drivers and require careful management to ensure safety on the track. “I have to concede that the issue with his sweaty hair may have created a safety issue for the driver and the drivers around him,” confessed Heraldson. “Still it seems like a problem that could easily be solved before the race starts.”

Behavior Based Safety for Formula One

Behavior-Based Safety (BBS) is a safety management approach that focuses on promoting positive safety behaviors among employees. While BBS is widely used in various industries, including manufacturing, construction, and healthcare, it has not been heavily implemented in motorsports, including Formula One. However, teams may still incorporate elements of BBS into their safety strategies, such as promoting safe work practices and establishing safety protocols for drivers and team members. Ultimately, safety is a top priority in the world of Formula One, and various measures are taken to ensure that all participants remain safe on and off the track. To read the original article go to: https://www.reuters.com/sports/motor-sports/russell-gets-sweat-about-rain-spain-2023-06-04/.

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