Is Dad A Big Sweaty Mess? It’s Good Because SwampButt Underwear™ Can Help

For Dad’s Day 2022 Take Our Quiz….

Is Dad A Big Sweaty Mess? It’s Good Because SwampButt Underwear™ Can Help

Father’s Day is June 19, 2022, and the search for just the right gift can be a challenge. What can you get the man who helped raise you? How many neckties can he receive? And how come no one wears neckties anymore?

For Dad SwampButt Underwear Blue Made in the USA Brand.
Is Dad a big sweaty mess? SwampButt Underwear can help.

If your dad is a big sweaty mess that needs a shower, or a towel to sit on, and all he did was walk from the car to the front door, you can help. Sweating and visible butt sweat is embarrassing. We know from experience and hear about it every day. Not sure? Don’t believe us? Then take this simple test to find out.

Just How Sweaty Is Your Dad?

To know if SwampButt Underwear is the right gift this Father’s Day, take this quiz.

Determine how bad is dad’s butt sweat?

  1. Does the slightest exertion (like tying his own shoelaces) make him damp(er)?
  2. Does he routinely need to sit on one of those puppy ‘pee’ training pads?
  3. Should or does he already carry a towel to sit on everywhere he goes?
  4. Does he remain standing in public places even when ample seating is available?
  5. Has your father ruined any upholstery or leather in the last 12 months?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the man your mom assures you is your father, needs SwampButt Underwear.

Beyond Embarrassing

Sweating and visible sweat is not just embarrassing, it is humiliating. Men have over 2 million sweat glands and that is a lot of glands and loads of sweat. “We know more than we care to about men and how they sweat,” said diplomatic corp wash out and SwampButt Underwear’s corporate spokesman Nick Heraldson. “But we don’t know how many sweat glands women have and we don’t care because we only sell underwear to men, not to women. So tough luck sister, you girls are on your own.”

Is Dad Anxious? Help The Man!

Anxiety is a big contributor that can lead to excess sweating. Men and fathers have plenty to be anxious about in the 21st century.  Children can help the old man out. “Non-medical professionals, and people we don’t really know very well all say ‘try to be helpful for a change,” Heraldson ranted. “Worrying about anxiety that causes sweating can lead to more sweating that can lead to more anxiety that can lead to even more sweating.” stated Heraldson. “I’m not saying that men like this could potentially drown in a puddle of their own sweat, but I’m not also not not saying it’s not possible. That is not what I am saying, not at all.”

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About SwampButt Underwear

SwampButt Made in the USA Brand Underwear performance are made from a blend of lycra and polyester fibers. How the undergarment works and what it is made of are related. First, there is the phenomena of ‘wicking’ which is the way moisture travels across a larger area of fabric. The more and further moisture (in this case sweat) can disperse across a surface, the faster it can evaporate. Imagine a squeegee pulling water across a windshield. It is the same principle of surface area related to the amount of moisture that is present. More surface provides a bigger area for water to disperse.

When spread to a larger surface are, the water on the windshield evaporates faster. Or push rainwater across a driveway or parking lot into a larger surface area and it also evaporates faster. The same thing happens with SwampButt Underwear. Sweat wicks across a larger area and evaporates faster because of this. The rate of wicking is related to the materials and the way sweat spreads across them. Polyester fibers are hydrophobic because they are really plastic and will not absorb moisture.

SwampButt Underwear(tm) is trademarked in the U.S. and foreign countries. We paid a lot for it so please do not use it without permission.

CAPTION: Instead of poking fun at his visible distress, or just poking him with a stick, help your poor father out with SwampButt Underwear this Father’s Day.

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