New Texas Based Company Tackles Sweat South of The Beltline

SwampButt Underwear is Underwear for Hot People… Press Releases From SNew Texas Based Company Tackles Sweat South of The Beltline

Houston, TX (October 19, 2016) — SwampButt Underwear™ now offers ‘underwear for hot people.’ Or better said, has undergarments designed for men who sweat so much that unsightly perspiration soaks through pants, belts, and even shirt tales. Launching the Internet based business today; the owners and founders offer garments designed to help mitigate the problem while maintaining a healthy sense of humor. Those interested can find relief at
Solving A Real Problem Press Releases From SwampButt Underwear
As the name implies, all underwear and t-shirts sold by are designed with materials that wick moisture away from the skin for faster evaporation. This is not possible with underwear made with traditional fabrics. “Butt sweat, or as it is also known – ‘swampbutt’ – is an embarrassing condition that affects millions of men,” said spokesman Harold Nicoll. “People are going to get sweaty and there’s going to be some serious ‘stankage’ as a result. So SwampButt Underwear has joined the fight against this condition with our new line of t-shirts and underwear.”
Debilitating Situation
Butt-sweat or ‘swampbutt’ is a condition that does not discriminate. Men who spend any time engaged in light to strenuous activity outside or in structures with broken or non-existent air conditioners can benefit from SwampButt Underwear. Women who are looking for great gifts for their guys need look no further. “SwampButt Underwear is devoted to helping backsides stay drier longer,” Nicoll stated. “People with this challenge will quickly get behind the idea and know that relief is available.”
October Launch Date?
While cooler air and colorful leaves are part of the scenery in some parts of the country, there are way more places where temperatures remain high. It is for those where fall is just a date on the calendar that SwampButt Underwear means the most. “October is the fifth month of summer here in Texas,” Nicoll said. “We know that from southern California across the country to Florida, the idea of sweaters, fireplaces, and pumpkin spiced hot drinks are alien.”
Designed Exclusively For SwampButt Underwear
All garments from SwampButt Underwear™ are made from cotton, polyester, and lycra-spandex blends. These materials will attract sweat away from the body, which allows it to evaporate quicker than is otherwise possible. All SwampButt Underwear garments are original designs made with very precise specifications, all set by the company.
To Learn More
To learn more about SwampButt Underwear and how to obliterate the blight of butt sweat, follow @swampbutt or join us on Facebook at SwampButt Underwear. Also check out for all SwampButt Underwear needs, including the Stank Blog.

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