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News About Sweating

News About Sweating

Help! Why do I sweat so much?

From Runner’s World

Part of the fun of summer running is complaining about the heat. Oh, you ran a 10-miler in yesterday’s 30-degree temps? I’ll one-up you with my half marathon in 85 percent humidity.

As all runners know, sweat is an unavoidable part of our sport—chances are, you’ll break a sweat even when running on the coldest days of the year. It’s also a super important bodily function! Your ability to sweat is what keeps you from overheating, so you can actually finish those running workouts without keeling over. That’s why you can outlast your energetic pup while running far on a hot day—you can regulate your body temperature with sweat on-the go, while dogs must stop and pant in order to cool off.

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Ban on using sweat, saliva to be difficult for bowlers

Note: this is not about bowling like people in Michigan and Wisconsin love so much. It’s fast bowling from India. I just loved the headline.

West Indies fast-bowling great Michael Holding has expressed doubts about the proposed use of artificial substance to shine the ball in the post-COVID-19 world.

Holding said it was natural for bowlers to apply saliva or sweat to the ball to make it shine and thereby gain swing.

“It is going to be difficult [for bowlers]. The natural inclination for any bowler, once he gets that ball in his hands is to apply saliva or apply sweat and then put it on the ball, that’s natural,” the legendary pacer said on the Sony Ten Pit Stop show aired on the broadcaster’s Facebook page. To read the whole article click here: Ban On Sweat And Saliva Hard On Bowlers.