No More Wet Hot American ‘Bummer’ With SwampButt Underwear

No More Wet Hot American ‘Bummer’ With SwampButt Underwear

Ok, everyone. Raise your hand if you have ever sweated through your clothes. Now raise your hand if you sweat through your duds once a week.

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And now give a kind wave if you sweat through your attire on a daily basis.
Well good news! You are not alone. And now there’s some research to back it up.
ORC International, a research firm that looks at such things, found that 33 percent of Americans sweat through their clothes. And about 25 percent say they sweat through their clothes on a daily basis.
That’s not fun. And thanks to science (yeah science!) there’s a lot more that can be done for those who can’t stop sweating.

  • Prescription deodorants and anti-perspirants
  • Dress in layers so the inner layers soak up the sweat
  • Breathable fabrics that promote wicking
  • Avoid spicy lunches (that’s the tough one because someone is going to have to eat all those jalapeno poppers)
  • Don’t wear hats

These are all terrible ideas. But science has more to about this and it’s less stupid than any of this. SwampButt Underwear performance undergarments are made from a blend of lycra and polyester fibers. The traditional brief style is a blend of cotton and lycra. Both styles fit snuggly, there will never be any droop associated with our garments.

How the undergarment works and what it is made of are related. First, there is the phenomena of ‘wicking’ which is the way moisture travels across a larger area of fabric. The more and further moisture (in this case sweat) can disperse across a surface, the faster it can evaporate. Imagine a squeegee pulling water across a windshield. When spread to a larger surface are, the water on the windshield evaporates faster. Or push rain water across a drive way or parking lot into a larger surface area and it also evaporates faster.
The same thing happens with our garment. Sweat wicks across a larger area and evaporates faster because of this. The rate of wicking is related to the materials and the way sweat spreads across them. Polyester fibers are hydrophobic because they are really plastic and will not absorb moisture. Our performance undergarments are made from lycra and polyester fibers. The brief style from cotton and lycra. Sweating, for example in Finnish Sauna or Turkish Hammam, is accepted as a form of promoting well-being and social interaction. However, in everyday life, it is associated with lacking hygiene and classified as a social no-go. Furthermore, it is often accompanied by a high psychological strain and, in worst cases, even social isolation.
SwampButt Underwear is a real company that makes a useful product. SwampButt Underwear(tm) is trademarked in the U.S. and foreign countries. We paid a lot for it, so please do not use it without permission.
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