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SwampButt Underwear Made In The USA brand in all the colors of the college or university you or someone you know went to. The SwampButt Made In The USA Underwear brand will wick away sweat for faster drying, cooling, and comfort.  Swampbutt Underwear comes in most college and university colors. The colors of the college or university you or someone you know went to.

The global underarm antiperspirant market value is $18 billion.

Having a sweaty butt is probably the least sexy condition of all. A sweaty butt is not just annoying and embarrassing, but it can also cause rashes and odor. If you discover skin irritations after a bout of sweaty butt, the excess moisture may be at fault. Take the necessary steps to reduce moisture around the affected area.

The reasons why may be partially related to the density of sweat glands and the endocrine glands in those specific locations.

A friend’s excessive ass-piration can leave more than salty stains on her pants; it can lead to a lot of embarrassment. She might even experience social anxiety, preventing her from doing activities she’d otherwise enjoy, Bowers tells me. Another nasty side effect: potentially developing skin conditions like fungal infections, itch around their groin area or skin in their butt area getting inflamed due to moisture, friction and/or lack of air circulation (medically called intertrigo). Having chronic moisture, especially in the buttocks or groin area, probably predisposes you to other skin conditions as well. Excessive sweating can cause severe problems for your friend that requires a dermatologist’s attention, whether it’s for no apparent reason or due to an underlying medical condition that’s actually causing the sweating.

Not an insignificant percentage of people experience such excessive sweating that it’s visible to other people and causes emotional stress, and those are the folks who might seek out treatment.

Prescription aluminum chloride is a salt solution used as an antiperspirant all the time, but can cause a rash, Bowers tells me. It’s a tough area to use prescription antiperspirants; some try it and the problem is it can be a little too irritating. Wear moisture-wicking fabrics and let sweat evaporate. There’s a lot of frictional heat caused by your butt cheeks rubbing together.

Science isn’t exactly sure why that is, but there’s certainly not much ventilation, and there’s a lot of frictional heat caused by your butt cheeks rubbing together. It doesn’t help that the sweat glands located in the perineal area, known as apocrine glands, also produce a thicker (and stinkier) perspiration.

Worse yet, a constantly sweaty crack can cause a domino effect of anal issues, and yes, that’s as bad as it sounds. Sweat trapped between the butt cheeks allows for an overgrowth of bacteria and yeast, which can eventually lead to a bad case of what dermatologists call pruritus ani, or intense anal itching. Eek!

It can be downright embarrassing to have butt print sweat stains on your shorts, left on a machine at the gym, or on a bench after adjusting your sneakers. If any have ever experienced these cheeky situations, then definitely look for something that will help prevent sweat and all that comes along with it.

Some may sweat pretty much all over when engaging in strenuous physical activities or the weather is unusually hot, but under normal circumstances, the armpits are normally the primary site of perspiration. Sweaty and stinky underarms that defy deodorant are embarrassing enough, but what if the site that’s giving you trouble is, instead, your buttock region? Dubbed “swamp ass” online, sweaty buttocks sure aren’t nice and when dealing with them, people will want to know why there is so much sweat in that particular area and what can be done.

Who Experiences Sweaty Buttocks?

Primary buttock sweating is actually quite rare, but it happens. It’s more common in obese people. (Compensatory buttock sweating is more likely to happen in people who have undergone ETS surgery for hyperhidrosis, however, if that describes you, the cause is rather clear already.)

Why Is Excessive Buttock Sweating A Problem?

Besides the fact that someone will be embarrassed because of worry about a body odor from such a sensitive region and may even be so drenched in sweat that it looks like they peed their pants, buttock sweating may lead to complications as well. The buttock region is already one of those moist and warm areas where bacteria accumulate if proper hygiene isn’t maintained, and excessive buttock sweating can be a huge problem — if sweating causes buttocks to be wet for too long, you will likely develop painful open sores and even bacterial infections as a result. But help is easy to find. SwampButt Underwear Made In The USA brand in all the colors of the college or university you or someone you know went to.

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