The SwampButt Underwear Gift Card

Makes Pretending To Care Easier Than Ever. 


Nothing says I forgot to get you something like a gift card.

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SwampButt Underwear Gift Cards are available all day, every day, forever.  

For those who cannot decide what to buy someone or don’t want the hassle of shopping, paying, wrapping, delivering, disappointing, taking back for an exchange, not finding what is needed, lost the gift receipt, there is nowhere to park, getting really pissed off at the store and at the ungrateful mutt to whom the gift was given?

Well those days are behind the shopping public (see the pun there) with the SwampButt Underwear Gift Card. Through the power of email, gifts arrive on time and neither giver nor receiver is “inconvenienced.”

The gift card allows your loved one/friend/neighbor/co-worker/secret lover the chance to buy the size and color they prefer. It’s like you did them a favor.

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SwampButt Underwear Gift Card