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SwampButt T-Shirts


The front of the SwampButt T-Shirt featuring our mascot, Rufus is printed in English and uses colors.

The front of the SwampButt T-Shirt featuring our mascot, Rufus.It is printed in English and uses colors.

This SwampButt T-shirt is made of a durable 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. Why does that matter?

Lots of reasons. Using a synthetic blend (cotton and nylon) allows wearers to experience the comfort of cotton with the weight of nylon. Nylon is lighter than cotton.

Because of this feature, you will benefit because the shirt is cooler. Another benefit is that it will dry more quickly on hot days because the fabric naturally wicks away moisture and gives it the opportunity to evaporate more quickly. As your sweat evaporates it also helps to cool you off.

Of course it also comes with our very cool logo design. Is there any downside? Well, no not really. We do think these shirts run a bit smaller than some others. But other than that, there are only benefits to you, the customer.


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SwampButt T-shirts!

At last, SwampButt T-shirts! This SwampButt T-shirt is made of a durable 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. Because of how our T-shirts are designed and made they are very comfortable, will wick sweat away from you for fast evaporation and help to make a bold fashion statement. I’m wearing one now and it is amazing! I feel better than I have in several years.

Is there any place wearing one of these T-shirts might not be a good idea? Hell no. Well, okay maybe church or the workplace if you are one of the people left lucky enough to still have a job. If putting your livelihood or status with fellow worshippers is a concern, don’t wear one. But everywhere else is fine.

On the front is the distinctive SwampButt Underwear: Underwear For Hot People logo, featuring Rufus the alligator. You are more than a corporate shill or billboard for us. You are telling the world that you are a trend setter. Or you’re telling the world something like “I look good in grey” or “I’m not at all sweaty, so give me a hug you sexy thang.”

Whatever your declarative statement about wearing a SwampButt T-shirt:

  • your delivery will be smoother
  • you will be cooler
  • you will be more comfortable

Please buy as many as you can. We’ll make more.

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Weight 16 oz

Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


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