SwampButt Underwear in 95 college colors.

SwampButt Made In The USA brand in all the colors of the college or university you or someone you know attended and maybe even got a degree.

SwampButt Underwear college colors
SwampButt Underwear Made in the USA brand comes in most college colors.

The makers of SwampButt Underwear™ recently added a number of new colors to their line of popular men’s sweat wicking underwear and made a discovery in the process; those same colors match a whole lot of the nation’s colleges and universities who coincidentally have football programs. This serendipitous good fortune benefits the graduates, students, parents of students, faculty, staff, and fans of these institutions of higher learning. This is great on a lot of levels with benefits aplenty.

 Hide Your Shame

Some schools ask that graduates and fans wear the colors on Friday’s before a game. Those who prefer not to draw attention to themselves and the association with their school’s football team can wear a pair of SwampButt Underwear in that color, thereby honoring the tradition and avoiding defending the coach’s decision to go for it on fourth down or redshirt a senior quarterback. “If one’s team is not doing well this season, but you still love them like the flag, apple pie and your loyal old dog, wearing those colors under normal clothing is a possibility worth exploring,” said Nick Heraldson, corporate spokesperson and passive aggressive schemer at SwampButt Underwear.  “Know that you still love your team without showing your colors.”

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SwampButt Underwear in 95 College Colors


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