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SwampButt Underwear New Green Deal Is Great 2 Pairs for 1 Lower Price


SwampButt Underwear comes in two different shades of green, regular and lime green.

Purchase a pair of each for one price, much lower than if you bought them separately. Perfect for golfers, gardeners, environmentalists, St. Patrick’s Day celebrants, margarita enthusiasts, lovers of currency, people whose favorite color is green or greener, those who went to Baylor, Tulane, Michigan State, follow the Oakland Athletics (if there is anyone who still does) or some other school or team whose colors include green.

According to science, when men get too warm they tend to sweat more. The material in SwampButt Underwear is made to draw sweat away from the skin. This is known as wicking. In addition to wicking, our underwear allows for greater air

flow under and around the fabric, which allows sweat to evaporate quicker than traditionally made underwear.

These garments are manufactured to our specifications and are unique in the world of underpants or in parts of the world where underpants are worn. SwampButt Underwear is based near Houston, Texas. It’s in a great town, but you’ve probably never heard of it. It’s surrounded by swampland with the Gulf of Mexico just south, with some really nice people. We’ve got a Starbucks and some nice Tex-Mex restaurants. And a place that has 99 beers on tap. SwampButt Underwear is specifically formulated to help fight against the grim affliction known as butt sweat, or simply SwampButt. SwampButt Underwear is trademarked in the United States and foreign

countries. We paid a lot for the trademark, so please do not use it without written permission.

To see everything SwampButt Underwear offers, please visit the SwampButt virtual store. 

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