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Swampbutt Underwear Original Performance Brand


These are the original Swampbutt Underwear Performance Brand drawers. As the name implies, all underwear and t-shirts sold by www.swampbutt.com are designed with materials that wick moisture away from the skin for faster evaporation. This is not possible with underwear made with traditional fabrics.

Butt sweat, or as it is also known – ‘swampbutt’ – is an embarrassing condition that affects millions of men. People are going to get sweaty and there’s going to be some serious ‘stankage’ as a result. So SwampButt Underwear has joined the fight against this condition with our line of t-shirts and underwear.



SwampButt Underwear™ now offers ‘underwear for hot people.’ Or better said, has undergarments designed for men who sweat so much that unsightly perspiration soaks through pants, belts, and even shirt tales. Launching the Internet based business today; the owners and founders offer garments designed to help mitigate the problem while maintaining a healthy sense of humor. All garments from SwampButt Underwear™ are made from cotton, polyester, and lycra-spandex blends. These materials will attract sweat away from the body, which allows it to evaporate quicker than is otherwise possible. All SwampButt Underwear garments are original designs made with very precise specifications, all set by the company.

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Black, Blue, Brown, Maroon, Pumpkin Spice SwampButt Underwear, White


Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small


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