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SwampButt Underwear News & Coverage

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Is underwear a stupid gift to give dad on Father’s Day?

May 25, 2021 — Is underwear a stupid gift to give dad on Father’s Day? According to the makers of SwampButt Underwear it is not. In addition to their obvious bias, making underwear for men, the plain fact is that many men will not buy underwear for themselves.

Nicoll’s Cleverly Coined Product Wrings Sales By Marketing Around Humor

From The Facts September 12, 2020.

Harold Nicoll has a consulting business, but the one people like to talk about is his underwear business. “I own SwampButt Underwear,” he said.

SwampButt Underwear’s 2020 College Coaches on the Hot Seat

From APN September 19, 2020

First year Baylor head coach Dave Aranda must not want to join his colleagues on this list. That was one incredibly unlikely explanation for the last minute cancellation of the bears game against Houston. “Is it a coincidence that we named four Big 12 coaches to the ‘hotseat’ and then the Baylor vs. Houston game gets cancelled,” asked conspiracy theorist and SwampButt Underwear spokesman Nick Heraldson. “Probably. It could very well be that there were reasons to cancel the game. Good reasons. But idle speculation is the stock and trade of internet lurkers, so we decided to pile on.”

Swamp Butt Underwear – A Review from Desert Rat

Oh, where to begin? This writing gig has taken me some interesting places over the years but I never thought I would be reviewing underwear. Full disclosure for the faint of heart – you will NOT see any photos of me in this underwear. Not now, not ever. This is for your benefit and mine. I would like to give a shout out to Nick Heraldson from Swamp Butt Underwear who has been extremely helpful and sent me a couple pairs to review. ~DesertRat.

Swampbutt Underwear Review from Mysterious Ramblings

Let’s face it – everyone sweats.  Male or female, at one point or another, you have experienced embarrassing butt sweat.  When Swampbutt Underwear offered to send me a few pairs of their briefs, I jumped at the opportunity!

Swampbutt Underwear – That’s Seriously What They’re Called from Soldier Systems

Swampbutt Underwear were designed specifically to avoid the affliction they’re named after. Their 91% polyester and 9% spandex construction are a great alternative to cotton drawers which hold the sweat. You’ll also note that the seams are away from the body.

The Best Underwear for Battling SwampButt – from Bow Hunting

The discomfort from wearing lousy underwear while climbing up and down the mountain will leave you lying in camp, throwing in the towel, and ready to go home. Don’t lose this battle. Never skimp on your skivies. Get the best underwear you can possibly afford before humping it into the backcountry.

Crunch Time – Sports Gossip Column By Metro Boston Sports Editor Matt Burke

File under first world problems, but we now have a cure for sports fans with swamp ass (via Urban Dictionary: “A common condition in which the ass crack and crotch becomes overly sweaty and stinky from sweating on a hot day”). Thankfully, you can now buy “Swamp Butt Underwear” at SwampButt.com for a cool 19 bucks. The underwear absorbs everything embarrassing. You see this a lot from middle aged dads at Fenway during the humid days of July and August, but it also affects dads during Little League games.

Winter’s Indoor Heating Can Lead To Summer Like Chafing

The weather is still cold outside and forced air furnaces blow hot dry air out into homes, offices and other public places all winter long. Better than freezing, the furnaces make indoors livable but often at a price and the price is chafing from sweaty skin that can stay moist when traditional cotton underwear is worn. People who sweat excessively in summer will still sweat in the winter and will also benefit from wearing a garment that wicks away and dries sweat before any type of chafing can begin regardless of the time of year.