Soldier Systems Discovers SwampButt Underwear

Soldier Systems Discovers SwampButt Underwear. Another media outlet has discovered and covered SwampButt Underwear. An on line daily called Soldier Systems ran a very nice article about our performance underwear. To read the entire article please go to:
Meet Soldier Systems
Soldier Systems Daily is the premier daily web publication covering the tactical industry. Government and military acquisition professionals, industry leaders, and consumers alike rely on Soldier Systems Daily for its up-to-date reporting and in-depth analysis. Soldier Systems Daily doesn’t just report government procurement awards nor parrot press releases from industry.

Soldier Systems Discovers SwampButt Underwear
Soldier Systems Discovers SwampButt Underwear. Soldier Systems discovered SwampButt Underwear and introduced us to their readers.

All information is weighed for its added value and paired with historical data to provide unmatched insight into the tactical industry. No one else focuses on industry like Soldier Systems Daily and no one else publishes the sheer volume of information on a daily basis.
Last fall the publishers realized that as their readership grew, so did their interests vary. In response, editorial content began to shift somewhat as well. Ever conscious of the core readership, consisting of Industry, Government, and Military, they became a bit concerned that they had lost some of their focus. And in that notion, the idea for Tactical Fanboy was born. Officially launched during SHOT Show, readers can think of it as sort of an alter ego. Over the past few months TF’s fan base has grown and grown. And some of their most popular stories have been from TF.
SSD has moved back to its roots concentrating on hardcore Government and Industry news while TF has picked up the more recreational and entertainment sides of this community, with a little bit of humor and risque content thrown in for good measure. While this may mean no more worries about running across content on SSD that may be questionable at work, don’t just write TF off as some wannabe site. The name might be lighthearted but the content will always be on point. But don’t worry, you’ll see them share content and collaborate regularly.

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