The Stank Blog Has Landed

Welcome to the Stank Blog!stank
This is the place where we share news about stinky stuff – mostly body odor, sweat smell, and butt stank. We were surprised to learn that there was so much written about the subject.
The articles we read while researching the topic (yes we really did research) seem to fall into the following categories:

  • the alleged sex appeal of body odor
  • the medical benefits of sweat
  • the health problems associated with sweat
  • how what we eat affects how we smell
  • how large crowds of people smell really bad on hot days

There is also a good bit of science thrown in, but we will try and make sense of those for you. The ones we cannot make sense of will be discarded prior to posting. We can’t have stuff on here that we don’t understand get to the public. What, you think you’d understand them? You think you’re smarter than us? Well?

A Fun Time Will Be Had By All

We will do what is possible to find and curate the most interesting and funniest news items there are on the topic of stank. If you read the blog and find yourself wondering “is this supposed to be funny?” The answer is always yes.
It was funny when we wrote it. We don’t know what happened between the time we wrote it and you read it to cause something to be unfunny. Those things are beyond our control. And your’s as well.
If you would like to send us an item from the news you think is noteworthy enough to be included in the Stank Blog then please do so. If you would like to be a guest author here, we are certainly open to the possibility.
And just for the record, we don’t find anything about sweat or body odor attractive or even the least bit sexy. Quite the opposite.
And that is the whole idea behind SwampButt Underwear – sweat-stained pants are as unattractive as they are uncomfortable. And that being a sopping wet mess while in public or polite company is to be avoided.
Just needed to clear that up. So look below here to see the latest posting from us and come back often.

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