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Seasons Last College Bowl Game Offers First National Sponsorship Opportunity

  • On January 5, 2020
SwampButt Underwear is really sponsoring this… Seasons Last College Bowl Game Offers First National Sponsorship Opportunity January 6, 2020 – SwampButt Underwear™ will be one of the sponsors of the ‘2020 LendingTree Bowl Radio Network’ when the last college bowl game of the season kicks off in Mobile, AL Monday January 6, 2020 at 7:00 […]
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SwampButt Underwear New Colors That Match A Lot of Colleges

  • On October 7, 2019
The makers of SwampButt Underwear™ recently added a number of new colors to their line of popular men’s sweat wicking underwear and made a discovery in the process; those same colors match a whole lot of the nation’s colleges and universities who coincidentally have football programs. This serendipitous good fortune benefits the graduates, students, parents of students, faculty, staff, and fans of these institutions of higher learning. This is great on a lot of levels with benefits aplenty.
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SwampButt Gift Cards Recommended to ‘Big Billy Kinder Outdoors’ Radio Audience

  • On December 18, 2019
With only a few days left until Christmas, SwampButt Underwear owner Harold Nicoll recommended his company’s electronic gift cards to Billy Kinder and his listeners. Kinder is the host of  the popular ‘Big Billy Kinder Outdoors’ radio program, heard on over 135 radio stations and Sirius XM 131 every weekend.  SwampButt Underwear™ is a real […]
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Back To School Smells Like Teen Sweating

  • On August 6, 2019
Summer is winding down with season ending vacations and a few more days to relax which must mean that school will start soon. While Americans are brainwashed into thinking that the last week of August is the official start of fall (pumpkin spiced lattes go on sale) the thermometer says it’s not. Millions of students, […]
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