SwampButt Underwear Comes Down On Price

SwampButt Underwear Comes Down On Price. With orders drying up like a month-old Christmas tree or un-watered poinsettias the price on SwampButt Underwear is $8.99.
SwampButt Underwear Comes Down On Price. With colder weather and New Years’ resolutions to exercise more this year fading from memory, the makers of SwampButt Underwear are lowering the price of their performance underwear brand from $18.99 to $8.99. Lowered underwear demand after Christmas and during the cold weather months, compared to other times of the year when the weather is warmer, caused demand for performance brand SwampButt Underwear to drop off. The price reduction is not permanent. Prices will return to the normal level once the spring break season (mid-March) starts. SwampButt Underwear Comes Down On Price.
After a busy and robust Christmas sales season and successful first full year in business, the demand for the creatively named and moisture wicking underwear slowed. “With orders drying up like a month old Christmas tree or un-watered poinsettias, we decided that now was a good time to offer a much lower price for these premium, specialty garments,” said company spokesman and part time inventory specialist Nick Heraldson. “The weather plays a big role in how much people sweat and exercise outdoors, plus they are out of money after the Christmas holidays; at least everyone here is.”
The first year and Christmas season for SwampButt Underwear was meaningful for the company’s leaders. “We made some mistakes but learned a great deal from them,” Heraldson said. “The biggest lesson for us was that in spite of everything, that we had a viable business and could compete with bigger and better funded companies. A niche manufacturer can stand out if he/she is willing to take risks, be creative, not take themselves too seriously and work really hard.” SwampButt Underwear Comes Down On Price.
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