Sweaty Video Hall of Fame – Physical

You can’t have a Sweaty Video Hall of Fame without getting physical or in this case Olivia Newton-John’s sexy request to hear her paramour’s body talk, which even for┬áthe early ’80s must have been a weird pickup line. “Physical” was Newton-John’s biggest U.S. hit, spending 10 weeks at No. 1 starting in November 1981.

The video features a Newton-John as a fitness instructor, helping overweight men become their true thinner selves. Sweat is everywhere. And for being a “sexy song” that was banned on some radio stations for its sexual lyrics the video features a lot of slapstick. And I mean a lot of slapstick.
In the end the men become thinner while she takes a shower. The men then decide they like each other better and leave together. But one of the heavy guys stays and gets to play tennis with Olivia.