This Christmas Get A Dry Pair

This Christmas Get a Dry Pair
While the weather outside might be cooler at Christmas than other times of the year, there are still plenty of activities where a sweaty backside is likely. Who needs that? This Christmas give yourself or a friend the gift of a dry backside with a pair of SwampButt Underwear. Every pair of SwampButt Underwear is engineered to wick away moisture for faster drying.

This Christmas Get A Dry Pair
This Christmas Get A Dry Pair. Unwanted swamp butt is unsightly and smelly. A dry pair of SwampButt Underwear will correct this issue.

There are lots of really terrible ideas for reducing butt sweat out there on the old inter webs. Wearing a pair of SwampButt Underwear is not only not terrible, it is really good. Plus, we guarantee every purchase will be satisfactory of we will refund or replace your purchase.
But how can my butt be wet with sweat this time of the year? There are plenty of ways. Whether building a new room for the family igloo, penguin rodeo, polar bear wrestling or looking for the Island of Misfit Toys, a stanky backside is abundantly possible.
These activities include but are not limited to the following”
-snow skiing
-tennis (indoors or out)
-martial arts classes and tournaments
-paddle ball
-competitive baking
-just regular baking
-chopping wood
-carrying the wood you chopped
Did we leave any off? If we did, please let us know and there is something free in it for you!

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Green SwampButt UNderwear
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