Video shows SUV crashing through Dallas gym’s wall

SURVEILLANCE FOOTAGE Wild video shows SUV crashing through Dallas gym’s wall.

Sweaty Patrons of ‘Sweat Dallas’ Sent Scurrying

If You can Dodge an SUV You Make Sweating all those Hours at the gym with a SwampButt Worthwhile.

DALLAS — Police are investigating after a car crashed through the front of a Dallas gym on Friday afternoon, injuring two people.

Dallas police say they were called at about 3:05 p.m. Friday to the accident. It took place at SWEAT Dallas, 5470 W Lovers Lane. Security footage of the accident shows the car crash through the front of the building, hitting two people who were sitting directly in the path of the vehicle. “This type of incident makes situational awareness even more important than most of us thought,” according to backseat driver and SwampButt Underwear corporate spokesman Nick Heraldson. “Like when you look up and see an SUV about to crash through the walls of the gym you are in, drop those dumb-bells and get moving.”

Fitness and conditioning are good for individual health. In this case the health and safety of people working out on Easter Sunday at Sweat benefited from their speed and reflexes, honed while busting out reps, working on a good sweat and keeping one eye peeled for the occasional, errant SUV.

There were no details about the driver released. “Hard to say much about the driver since nothing about this person was released to the media,”Heraldson said. “But that lack of real facts should not discourage anyone from speculating, guessing or just making something up.” Heraldson went on, “maybe their foot slipped, maybe they sped up to avoid another vehicle, or maybe they were blind drunk and out on an Easter Morning Bender that carried over from Saturday night. We simply do not know. But what we do know is that a lack of facts should never prevent news coverage.”

Heraldson was asked if it could also be that the driver had a bad case of SwampButt and slid off the seat into the accelerator. “No, that’s dumb,” he replied.

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