When Was National Get To Know Your Customers Day?

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When Was National Get To Know Your Customers Day? Well, “National Get To Know Your Customers Day” was yesterday, October 19, 2017. The owners of SwampButt Underwear would like to commemorate the occasion and stand out at the same time. But anyone could deliver a greeting on the actual day of something. It takes real creativity to do it the following day. Creativity or the inability to work a calendar. “Please accept our belated hi there,” said spokesman Nick Heraldson. To shop for SwampButt Underwear, go to the SwampBut Underwear Store.
Getting To Know You When Was National Get To Kn. A good way to get better acquainted is to share a story. So here goes. As a semi-retired individual, I learned 2 things. The first was that retirement was not for me. I liked to work, meet new people and have a sense of belonging and a mission which was something retirement did not deliver, at least not for me. Of course, I did try and as someone who enjoys golf, played a good bit at the start of retirement. The climate in the part of the USA where we live provided challenges in the form of extreme heat and humidity. Add to that, the town where we live was built on what was once a swamp.
The town where SwampButt Underwear is located was once a swamp.
After one really hot day, I came in from golf and had sweated up a storm. Not just my backside or legs, which were always sweaty, but my pants, belt and even wicking up my shirt. Looking like someone who’d been dunked in water from his feet to rib cage, I wondered if anyone had ever thought of a product or had applied for a trademark for ‘swamp butt’. A search of Google and the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office showed they had not. I was pretty surprised, but given that there wasn’t anything else to do, I applied for and received a trademark for SwampButt Underwear™. Hot damn. The rest of the story about learning to source and manufacture garments like the ones we sell is way too much information. Remember, we want to get to know you! When Was National Get To Know Your Customers Day
No golfer should suffer like this one. Wear SwampButt Underwear.

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So as a subscriber, please send us your story about your soggy backside. At some point it got so bad that you decided to come here and have a look, right? Did someone close to you point it out? Were you asked not to sit certain places or did plastic covers suddenly appear on furniture where previously there was none? No names will be revealed, but knowing your story and sharing it anonymously would be interesting of not entertaining.
Send you soggy story to swampbuttunderwear@gmail.com.

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