SwampButt Underwear Sweatiest Cities in the USA

SwampButt Underwear Sweatiest Cities in the USA

Most places in the United States are a big sweaty mess in the summertime. Honeywell Fans recently named their Top 10 sweatiest cities in America. I’m sure these places can get you pretty damp, but how the Dallas-Fort Worth area didn’t make this list looks like an oversight.

I once attended a Texas Rangers baseball game in Arlington and sweated through my T-shirt just walking to the stadium from the parking lot. But maybe that occurs in Minneapolis as well.

“Using updated criteria as well as data obtained from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, we looked at a range of environmental factors to pinpoint ‘hot spots’ across the country,” said Myatt in a statement. “The study factored in the average summer temperatures of each city and proximity to large bodies of water. Fitness and recreational sports facilities, as well as sports teams per capita were also considered for the rankings, knowing that more frequent exercise and crowded sporting events lead to a city’s overall sweatiness.”

This year two cities in North Carolina took the top spots with Charlotte coming in at No. 1 and Raleigh at No. 2. Charlotte came in at 25 for average summer temperature, top 10 for fitness facilities, and No. 1 for sports teams. Raleigh ranked in the top 20 for average summer temperature, and No. 4 for fitness facilities. Both places lack an ocean breeze.

St. Louis, Missouri, came in at No. 3, while Austin, Texas, and Richmond, Virginia, rounded out the top five. Unsurprisingly it was almost entirely Southern states that made the list — with outlier Minneapolis taking the No. 7 spot.

Top 10 sweatiest U.S. cities

1. Charlotte, North Carolina

2. Raleigh, North Carolina

3. St. Louis, Missouri

4. Austin, Texas

5. Richmond, Virginia

6. Miami, Florida

7. Minneapolis, Minnesota

8. Orlando, Florida

9. Tampa, Florida

10. Kansas City, Missouri

Watch this video from the NBC Today Show to learn more.

Top 10 Sweaty Cities

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